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 Love - ECC's art

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Love - ECC's art Empty
PostSubject: Love - ECC's art   Love - ECC's art I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 04, 2013 4:54 am

Not that I expect anyone to ever see this...
I'll post actual content later when I am off work... Supposing its ever seen.

How does one explain what they love? Some answer with 'You say you like it'

I cant say I agree with that method. Sure, its simple to say you love your mother and father. brother and sister too. But I feel its somewhat misleading to say. "I love cats". Does that mean I hold all cats everywhere to the same degree as my close family? no, though I do hold the cats in my house to a similar level. So, how do I explain it then?

I show it. I show the passion I put into my work, no matter how simple it is. It could be the small pixelated works I lay about though the gaming world, all of them fine to my eyes. Or it could be a world I created in text as large as you or I. Possibly some beat I drummed up while half asleep. So much I do and I truly enjoy, enough to say I love it. But how do I go about saying that right? I display it:

None posted :( "Yet"

None posted :( "Yet"
None posted :( "Yet"

None posted :( "Don't expect anything"

None posted :( "Yet"

None posted :( "Heheheh, you just wait, I only need to get a camera"
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Love - ECC's art
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